As a dentist, are you facing THESE challenges?

  1. Struggling to compete with growing numbers of competitors?
  2. Wanting higher case acceptance from your patients?
  3. Wondering how to get your team motivated and performing at a consistent high standard?

In this hands-on, high-energy, two-day workshop:

  1. Learn the skills you need to face and overcome these challenges with confidence
  2. Finish with an action plan ready to implement on your first day back in the office,
  3. Discover how to master the '6 Cs' of business, leadership and communication to supercharge your career:


Attract more new patients faster

Customer Service

Create higher patient loyalty and referrals


Unleash a hugely increased case acceptance


Build a passionate, professional & profitable team


Achieve higher levels of thinking, innovation and productivity


Experience the benefits of market authority positioning and recognition

Dr Derek Mahony

Full Face Orthodontics Pty Ltd

I have been lecturing and running my four practices for many years so I feel that I know my strengths in communication and business. I believe there is always something new to learn, particularly when improving our business, communication and leadership skills.

When it comes to learning a mastery in these skills, Dr Kinnar is the "go to" guy. His attitude and wealth of expertise in communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is something to admire. There are certain people who add a lot of value to your growth as a health professional. Kinnar will totally add a new perspective to the way you run your mind, your mouth and manage your business.

To be a successful entrepreneur. To build a strong Team. I have no doubt he will show you ways to take your success to the next level. I would recommend this course to everyone, regardless of your current skill set or experience.

Join us on this exciting learning journey to skyrocket you & your dental practice to the next level !

16th - 17th March 2018 at Sydney, Australia

8:30am Registration | 9:00am - 6:00pm: Lecture + workshop

Places are limited, and previous events have sold out

Dr Kinnar Shah

  • Business Director of Smile Concepts, Syd
  • Certified High Performance Coach
  • Certified Gallup Strengths Coach
  • NLP Leadership & Business Coach
  • Peak Performance Pundit & Mindset Maximiser
  • Creator of the most 5-star reviewed dental practice in Sydney
  • Founder of the Dentapreneurs tribe, helping 1000+ dentists to build better businesses

Dr Kinnar Shah’s passion and expertise as a dentist is in Cosmetic, Laser and Implant dentistry. He is a transformational and motivational speaker, and the principal director of Smile Concepts, Personal Growth Events, Instaclicks and Premium Ceramics. Kinnar is obsessed in teaching leadership, business, sales and communication skills to health professionals.

He is walking the talk as an example in this field. Practicing 2.5 days per week has allowed him to work “on” his practice with spectacular results:

Smile Concepts dental practice has experienced an extraordinary 700% growth in just 3 years.

Kinnar believes every professional has the potential to grow and loves adding value to them to fuel that growth. He starts by exploring the correct mindset, belief and attitude through to relationship building, influence, strategic & execution principles. Mastery of these skills propels success - both personally and professionally.

Kinnar is a strong believer in the key role of communication:

“The way we communicate to ourselves and with others ultimately dictates the quality of our lives.”

Being a Certified High-Performance Coach, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & an NLP business and Leadership Coach, Kinnar specialises in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire team for the potential of higher success.

Kinnar has coached and consulted numerous businesses in the last 3 years to:

  • Implement methods and strategies to double or triple the number of daily client
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Deliver a client experience second to none, and
  • Ultimately achieve a better quality of life.

Dr Jason Pang

"This is the second time that I have seen Kinnar present this course. For me, this was reinforcement and clarity in the principles he taught. Repetition is what creates mastery.

This time, I brought all my staff so that they can experience and learn these invaluable skills.

I have realised that without my team I cannot elevate my practice and take it to where I want it to be."

At the end of this two-day workshop,

prepare to be transformed, as you are personally trained in the following must-have skills for dentists.


1. Mastery of 7 Traits to be a Successful Dentist

  • Success starts with mindset
  • 7 Traits to boost your Inner Game
  • R.I.S.E principles to drive your vision higher
  • Explore your true “why, how and what" as a dentist - Your Strengths

Dr Angie Papas

"Dr Kinnar Shah has been an inspiration to me and other colleagues, as he manages to incorporate amazing dental and leadership skills!

With his engaging and fun personality, he connects with people immediately and delivers content that they can immediately use to improve their morale, teamwork, management and communication skills."

2. CREATIVITY that offers a wow journey

Enhance the 6 Key Experiences your patient goes through. Discover them in Depth

  • Don’t lose them at any of these stages
  • Action steps to be taken for these key experiences
  • Your patients will remember how you make them feel
  • The complete blueprint for executive patient experience

"I have done many courses on communication, and can tell when I participate in a great one. Kinnar's was exceptional because his sheer passion and willingness to add value to attendees set him apart from many others. He has an arsenal of real-life, repeatable tips that can be fine tuned to suit communication with patients and staff alike. He shared his experience and knowledge generously. Another reason why I felt it was a fantastic course was that it gave me simple, yet effective real-life tools that I could start applying to my practice from day 1. I highly recommend this course to dentists and their teams if they want to have a more fulfilling practice."

Dr Pulkit Kinra, BDS

Laserdentistry, NZ

"I have done many courses on communication, and can tell when I participate in a great one. Kinnar's was exceptional because his sheer passion and willingness to add value to attendees set him apart from many others. He has an arsenal of real-life, repeatable tips that can be fine tuned to suit communication with patients and staff alike. He shared his experience and knowledge generously. Another reason why I felt it was a fantastic course was that it gave me simple, yet effective real-life tools that I could start applying to my practice from day 1. I highly recommend this course to dentists and their teams if they want to have a more fulfilling practice."

Dr Praveen Ayethepalle


3. CONNECTION that builds trust & credibility

Execute Fast and Effective Rapport. In 60-90 seconds.

  • Learn the Fastest way to get your patients to like you
  • How to avoid the salesperson alarm!
  • 3 factors that dictate how strong a bond you can build with your patients
  • 3 habits to intensify your connection with your patients
  • Master the posture, gestures and expressions required for rapid rapport
  • One sure method to clear your nervousness and appear confident

"The business leader skills course exceeded my expectations. Throughout my career I have met people that have added value in one way or another, Kinnar you are definitely one of them.

I was impressed with the level of energy and enthusiasm Kinnar delivered the course making it for everyone easy to understand. No question was left unanswered.

My only regret is not taking my team the course but there is always a next time. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level."

Dr Erika Guerra

Adelaide, SA

"Kinnar's expertise in NLP and his coaching of us in NLP underpins all personal growth and professional development as people and as dentists.

Kinnar skilfully mixed challenging us at the core (what’s your definition of success? Who are you as a dentist? Find your deeper why?) with classic spin sales techniques and other case presentation strategies.

His passion for personal development (leadership, specialised knowledge in communication, high performance habits) and teaching others is high energy and inspirational.

I'm looking forward to implementing many strategies shared and I'm so glad I brought me team along. I would highly recommend doing his next course as excellent value for money"

Dr Henriette Macri-etienne

Katoomba NSW

4. CULTURE that creates a Passionate, Professional and Profitable team

Inspire your Team to Perform with Passion

  • 3 psychological needs to fulfil to ensure the team thrives and flourishes
  • Techniques on what and how to inspire
  • What to discuss in a morning and evening hurdle
  • How to set training days and what to contribute towards your teams growth
  • Combine strengths of team players
  • Learn to set the corrects moods and attitudes in the team environment

"I previously have heard Kinnar Shah on number of occasions. He never stops to amaze me. This course has taken myself and my staff to a whole different level and we are excited to provide 7 star service to our patients.

Kinnar, a triple certified coach approaches his patients and gets case acceptance in a very unique way. Establishing rapport in less than 90 seconds is an art in itself.

Kinnars's KFC is still resonating in my mind.

A very humble person and always approachable ( I bug him at least 10 times a day). I would highly recommend this course and would highly recommend to take your staff along."

Dr Dinesh Rao

Bendigo, Vic

"Kinnar is so powerful and energetic that he inspires us in Every single word he speaks. He has very precious skill and passion to motivate and encourage others, which I admire a lot. And there is always positive energy around him no negative at all.

In last 2 days I felt very inspired and motivated to dream big. I learned to always strive to achieve high and persevere until i get it. I WILL get the action happening soon and not let things sit in my mind.

I also learned many many great tips on body language and verbal cues which are very important and helpful in my professional and personal life.

It was really an eye opener and brainstorming for me. I wish someone had done this to me long time ago."

Dr Darshan Thumar

Melbourne, Vic

5. CAPTURE that leads to more New Patients

Marketing your Practice. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

  • How I attract 160 New Patients a month in my practice
  • Capture your leads and stop wasting time
  • Understand what research says about look and feel
  • What landing pages you will want to think about
  • 5 must things to get patients to take action and call
  • How to answer email enquires
  • Adwords, SEO, SMM – get to know it
  • Reward and Referral systems - Networking and Joint Ventures

"Always great spending quality time with witty, inspirational and generous friends like the inimitable Kinnar Shah. Shout out to his Business, Leadership and Communications course in Melbourne. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or new graduate, communication is something you can always improve on. Thanks Kinnar for your passion and vision for our profession."

Dr Aden Tran

Sydney NSW

"Frankly speaking after I signed in this course, I am not sure what I will learn. However after 2 days of intensive lecture/workshop/discussion/ role play. I 100% know that I made a right choice. Definitely this is one of my best communication course I attended. Kinnar is very inspiring. He is an excellent speaker and educator. He is very generous to show his knowledge and experience. I am more than happy to recommend Kinnar’s course to any dentist who wants to achieve better personal life/career. Thanks"

Dr Ronald Choi

Adelaide, SA

6. COMMUNITY that encourages loyal and raving patients

Discover how to Create Patient Loyalty

  • Not just satisfied, but loyal
  • Instantly give a wow feeling
  • Master 12 principles of customer service
  • Know your patients 2 core desires
  • 10 simple ways to boost loyalty
  • 10 best responses to patient dissatisfaction

"When I enter a room with Kinnar, there are 3 keys words that come to mind, Engaging, Energetic and Enthralling!

The course was run on a fast pace with emphasis on the ‘dental team’ and topics were carefully selected and divided to understand a thoroughly researched and successfully working modus operandi.

They were relevant with most patient-team situations and empowered many a team members to have better control of their conversation with a client.

Overall, i think it was an inspiring weekend which we took a lot from and would love to recommend it to anybody who would love to explore what they could do better! Thanks Kinnar"

Dr Nick Mehta

Sydney, AU

It was a great seminar which was conducted in 2 days. The information was astounding and a great chunk quantitatively.

Some of the information rang a bell for me, but we as a team, Leena and myself, could find the gaps to be sealed in our practice.

Leena and myself have started implementing some of the steps personally in our lives and it helps a lot.

The biggest advantage of the course was the realisation of the presence of a system, a protocol, and there are cross check points to look back whether it's working or not.

Kinnar had a fantastic energy and personally made sure that everyone's question was answered.

Dr Leena and Dr Cherian

Wagga Wagga NSW

7. COMMUNICATION that Converts or Crashes

Learn how to tap into the millennial generation

  • Achieve an in-depth and thorough understanding of Conversion Principles & Rules
  • Increase your conversion rate by 70-80%
  • Focus on the correct 4 must question to ask – Unique System
  • Take your patients needs and wants from implicit to explicit
  • 6 Verbal Language Patterns to get subconscious agreement
  • What not to say. How not to confuse!
  • 3 Core Areas to watch in assessing Body Language
  • Discover your patients favourite sense and use that to explain
  • Evidence based presentations
  • How to specifically use Ethos, Pathos, Logos in your Consultations.
  • Dynamic listening and the power of it
  • 5 ways to deal with objections and limiting beliefs about treatment
  • Leave with the optimum consultation blueprint
  • How to answer any question asked by your patient fast and effectively
  • Overcoming price and time objections
  • 3 Crucial Closes you can apply anytime.

Event Details

  • Business, Leadership & Communication
  • Skills for Dentists
  • 16-17 March 2018, 9am-6pm
  • Sydney CBD – venue to be confirmed
  • 12 CPD points
  • Investment: $2900 (inc GST)
  • Includes lunch, morning/afternoon tea, and course materials.

Additional Value

  • 4 Categories of Questions you must ask to assess your patients needs and get them to say YES.
  • 3 Sensory Specific Synchronisation techniques to build deeper Rapport.
  • 6 Crucial Closes you can apply anytime.
  • 7 verbal patterns to disarm any objection
  • 3 solid ways to ask for referrals.
  • 2 methods to change your and your patient's State for an optimal engagement.
  • 8 things you must have in your Front Lounge.
  • The 1 Telephone Script for all price enquiries.
  • 6 Pro-tips for your front desk team to present optimally
  • 6 Basic Languauge Patterns all dentists/team can use.
  • Complete Blueprint for a Dentist Entrepreneur. To become the best version of yourself, your profession and your practice.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you feel you don’t get value and/or a shift in perspective, strategies & action steps on how to elevate your performance to the next level, I will happily refund the cost.