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Dr Kinnar Shah

" My purpose is to invest and interact with you for the primary aim to stimulate, motivate and facilitate your advancement, performance and hike you to new success levels "



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"If i'm not changing your life, I'm changing your Smile"

Dr Kinnar Shah is based in Sydney and his passion and expertise as a dentist is in Cosmetic, Laser and Implant dentistry. A transformational and a motivational speaker and the principal director of SmileConcepts, Personal Growth Events, Instaclicks & Premium Ceramics. He is obsessed in teaching leadership, business, sales and communication skills to health professionals.

He is walking the talk as an example in this field. Practicing 2½ days per week has allowed him to work “on” and grow his practice seven fold over the last 3 years. His marketing strategies allowed one of his practices -SmileConcepts- to drive 140 New Clients a month. SmileConcepts is positioned to be the leading practice in Sydney and is the highest customer reviewed practice in Australia. The strategies for such growth and presence are what Kinnar loves to teach with a passion. He believes every professional has the potential to do so and loves adding value for your Growth. He starts by exploring the correct mindset, belief and attitude through to Relationship building, Influence, Strategic & Execution principles. Mastery of these skills will propel your success - both personally and professionally. Communication plays a role in all these factors. The way we communicate to ourselves and the way we communicate with others ultimately dictates the quality of our lives.

Being a Certified High Performance Coach, a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & a NLP business and Leadership Coach, he specializes in working with the innate strengths and talents of the entire Team for the potential of higher success. He has coached and consulted numerous businesses in the last 3 years to implement certain methods and strategies to double or triple the number of daily clients, get more employee engagement, deliver a client experience second to none and ultimately having a better quality of life.

His favorite topic to teach professionals would be in High Performance Communication and Sales. How to increase conversions and sales - Dramatically!

Being active in the entrepreneur field, he understands the unique challenges of today’s business owners and entrepreneurs. His fresh perspective, innovative methods and system blueprints will facilitate you and your business to higher levels.

Having been in the professional and business field for 15 years he is passionate about giving people the tools to be resourceful and effective.

His favorite quote: "Don’t Let the Good Get in the Way of the Great!"

Kinnar is currently authoring his book: “Your Life is Your Biggest Occasion - R.I.S.E up to it”


I have been lecturing and running my four practices for many years so I feel that I know my strengths in communication and business. I believe there is always something new to learn, particularly when improving our business, communication and leadership skills. When it comes to learning a mastery in these skills, Dr Kinnar is the "go to" guy. His attitude and wealth of expertise in communication, both verbal and non verbal, is something to admire. There are certain people who add a lot of value to your growth as a health professional. Kinnar will totally add a new perspective to the way you run your mind, your mouth and manage your business.

To be a successful entrepreneur. To build a strong Team. I have no doubt he will show you ways to take your success to the next level. I would recommend this course to everyone, regardless of your current skill set or experience.

Dr Derek Mahony

Full Face Orthodontics Pty Ltd

For anyone who wants to provide extra value to themselves, and ultimately their patients, this course is a definite must do! The wealth of knowledge that Kinnar shared went above and beyond my expectations. He was extremely genuine and honest on all accounts, passing on tips that he and his team uses every day in his awe-inspiring practice. Kinnar's energy is incredibly engaging and very infectious. My only negative of the course is that I wanted to listen to Kinnar speak for at least another full day!

Kind regards

Dr Paul Shalhoub

Taree NSW

What an amazing two days!

I initially attended with the hopes of increasing my confidence, my patient communication skills as an associate dentist. What I gained was this and so much more. With a wealth of knowledge to share, Kinnar, I certainly appreciate how you don't hold back! Today I walked into work with a positive outlook and am incredibly excited to continue on my journey, both career and personal goals to achieve.

What a great opportunity to share and learn from an open and supportive group of dentists. Highly recommend for all dentists no matter where you are at in your career.

Dr Sabrina Singh Dantes

Varsity Lakes QLD

Need to share my little story today too , just so I can encourage others to keep on learning becomes you never know little tips that you will pick! After nearly 26 yrs being a dentist , I still learn things and my communication skills keep on improving! I organized and gave my staff little summaries of what we were taught on the weekend! Applied it to all my patients today and managed to close two big cases!!!! Thanks Kinnar for inspiring us!!!

Kind regards

Dr Angie Papas

Sydney NSW

I have now attended two courses with Kinnar. He is an excellent speaker and I found his energy infectious from start to finish, both times leaving me completely revved up for work on Monday morning.

What makes Kinnar unique as a speaker in the dental industry is his underlying message. It’s not the scripted lines you learn and recite, or the hot towels you hand out to the patients that will bring you success. It is mindset, mindset, mindset that will truly bring about success in life.

He is all about interaction with the participants, and the small class sizes allow for free exchange of ideas. Kinnar is generous and genuine with his knowledge and experience, and there is definitely no “sales pitch” for a book or coaching program.

So open your mind to the potential to be great and attend one of his courses. Value for every dentist - young graduates seeking better case acceptance, new practice owners trying to lead their teams or veteran dentists who are just plateauing and looking for inspiration.


Eugene Khoo

Perth AU

I have done many courses on communication, and can tell when I participate in a great one. Kinnar's was exceptional because his sheer passion and willingness to add value to attendees set him apart from many others. He has an arsenal of real-life, repeatable tips that can be fine tuned to suit communication with patients and staff alike. He shared his experience and knowledge generously. Another reason why I felt it was a fantastic course was that it gave me simple, yet effective real-life tools that I could start applying to my practice from day 1.

I highly recommend this course to dentists and their teams if they want to have a more fulfilling practice.

Kind regards

Dr Pulkit Kinra, BDS

Laserdentistry, NZ

Dr Kinnar Shah course is the best motivational, inspiring course I came across. In today's world just being a dentist is hard to survive, Dr Shah has nicely integrated and blended psychology, body language and science of persuasion in the field of dentistry to make our life much better. Not to mention his communication skills, top notch. I would definitely recommend every struggling dentist to find their foot in or a dentist who is struggling to take their practice to next level to attend this course.

Dr Praveen Ayethepalle


The business leader skills course exceeded my expectations.

Not having known much about Kinnar I was worried it would be like past management courses I had attended. However unlike other courses I had attended, this was delivered in a well structured, professional and organised manner with such attention to detail.

I was impressed with the level of energy and enthusiasm Kinnar delivered the course making it for everyone easy to understand. No question was left unanswered.

Throughout my career I have met people that have added value in one way or another, Kinnar you are definitely one of them.

My only regret is not taking my team the course but there is always a next time.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level.

Dr Erika Guerra

Adelaide, SA

This was a very eye opening two days regarding everyday techniques we can employ to successfully build rapport with patients with the aim to improve treatment plan acceptance and creating a loyal patient base. These two days will motivate you to critique, analyse and improve the way you run your practice.

What I found most impressive was Kinnar’s openness with the techniques he employs in his own practice. You don’t always find this sort of generosity with knowledge that has taken so long to accumulate. We discussed different types of external marketing that have been successful and those that haven’t been, as well as real figures in terms of patient conversion from phone to chair and from consult to completion of treatment.

Kinnar brought about a whole new mentality when considering the patient experience. There are aspects of my day-to- day practice that I can improve on from day one and some other aspects that I can work on and improve over time.

A great course for any dentist who wants to improve their ability to communicate effectively with patients as well as anyone running/opening a practice. There were some dentists who bought their whole teams down and there were parts of the course that really benefited each individual staff member. There was also plenty of time for individuals to ask questions that Kinnar answered in great detail. I’ll definitely be attending future courses!

Dr Dimitri Lucas

Sydney NSW

Kinnar's expertise in NLP and his coaching of us in NLP underpins all personal growth and professional development as people and as dentists. All too often our own personal development or lack-of holds us back in succeeding professionally as dentists .

Kinnar skilfully mixed challenging us at the core ( what's your definition of success? Who are you as a dentist ? Find your deeper why ? ) with classic spin sales techniques and other case presentation strategies . His passion for personal development ( leadership , specialized knowledge in communication, high performance habits ) and teaching others is high energy and inspirational.

I'm looking forward to implementing many strategies shared and I'm so glad I brought me team along

I would highly recommend doing his next course as excellent value for money.

Dr Henriette Macri-etienne

Katoomba NSW

I was very impressed with Kinnar's energy and passion to deliver all he could to us and being sure that we were engaged by asking several times if we had any questions during the course. I normally do not write reviews but I definitely think that anyone who wants to improve themselves should attend to Kinnar's seminars.All his advice and tips can be applied not only on our professional life ,also on our personal life allowing us to grow more, helping us being better leaders in all areas of our lifes. The environment that Kinnar created in the group was relaxed and fun, very open to discussions and with no judgement on any questions, everyone contributed, luckily we had people who were new to dental business as well as people who had many years of experience and people who work as contractors, everyone benefited from all the information shared. Kinnar is a lovely and charismatic person with a down to earth approach who is always ready to help you and guide you to be your best, I am looking forward to many courses delivered by him and very eager to go to the next level!!!!

Dr Lina Carrillo

Sydney NSW

I previously have heard Kinnar Shah on number of occasions. He never stops to amaze me. This course has taken myself and my staff to a whole different level and we are excited to provide 7 star service to our patients.

Kinnar, a triple certified coach approaches his patients and gets case acceptance in a very unique way. Establishing rapport in less than 90 seconds is an art in itself.

Kinnars's KFC is still resonating in my mind.

A very humble person and always approachable ( I bug him at least 10 times a day). I would highly recommend this course and would highly recommend to take your staff along.

Dr Dinesh Rao

Bendigo, Vic

There are probably only ever a handful of people you meet throughout life who you recognise as having had a really significant influence on you – people that you genuinely feel so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with. For me, Kinnar Shah is one of these people.

He might tell you that there’s nothing special about him, but that’s not the case. His true generosity in sharing his experience and knowledge on how to drive not only your business forward - but yourself as a person too - is unparalleled.

I recently attended his two day workshop on ‘Business, Leadership and Communication Skills for the Dental Practice’ which was without doubt the best course I have ever been to. Kinnar’s advice on how to get the most out of your business by changing the way you interact with patients is delivered with such enthusiasm and passion. I found the 2 days so inspiring and it has given not only myself but our entire team a whole new level of motivation and excitement about our practice. If there’s one course you do this year, make sure it’s one of Kinnar’s.

Dr Fay Callaghan


Kinnar is so powerful and energetic that he inspires us in Every single word he speaks. He has very precious skill and passion to motivate and encourage others, which I admire a lot. And there is always positive energy around him no negative at all.

In last 2 days I felt very inspired and motivated to dream big. I learned to always strive to achieve high and persevere until i get it. I WILL get the action happening soon and not let things sit in my mind.

I also learned many many great tips on body language and verbal cues which are very important and helpful in my professional and personal life.

It was really an eye opener and brainstorming for me. I wish someone had done this to me long time ago.

Dr Darshan Thumar

Melbourne, Vic

Dr KinnarShah ‪#‎creativeconceptscoaching‬, that dude Is very energetic, motivating and inspiring. He has thorough knowledge, great understanding of what happens in the dental practice and how to overcome. Every issue we discussed is exact reflection of what we face in our dental practice in day to day life, staff issues, patient and dentist relationship, overcoming objections are best explained in detail. Leadership qualities is a must for every owner dentist and he nailed it. The best part was attitude and body language topics, how we can get an idea of what patient's intentions are... Dentists in the seminar room where pondering all the scenarios and questions of day to day problems, Kinnar was absolutely amazing to reflect it back on the spot, he got answer for everything, we can clearly see that it wasn't a script, but he was good enough to make a very convincing answers, only a person who has faced all the hurdles can do that. Great course, will recommend everyone to attend.. I took few people advice before signing up, was skeptical to go, but now I can say every dollar i spent was worth it. I can't wait to attend his other courses. He is very friendly, approachable and had a good time after the course.. Great man, wonderful person by heart heaps to learn from him.

Dr Prav

Always great spending quality time with witty, inspirational and generous friends like the inimitable Kinnar Shah. Shout out to his Business, Leadership and Communications course in Melbourne. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or new graduate, communication is something you can always improve on. Thanks Kinnar for your passion and vision for our profession.

Dr Aden Tran


Frankly speaking after I signed in this course, I am not sure what I will learn. However after 2 days of intensive lecture/workshop/discussion/ role play. I 100% know that I made a right choice. Definitely this is one of my best communication course I attended. Kinnar is very inspiring. He is an excellent speaker and educator. He is very generous to show his knowledge and experience. I am more than happy to recommend Kinnar’s course to any dentist who wants to achieve better personal life/career. Thanks

Dr Ronald Choi

I am glad I took the opportunity of attending Dr Kinnar’s Business leadership and communication seminar along with practice manager and my partner. It was truly an eye opener.

Kinnar comes across as brilliant and inspirational clinician who has taken extra steps of developing himself into a well-rounded individual and successful businessman with his great emphasis on little things and attention to detail which most of us may disregard as peripheral to weave the plan for success, and he does not hold back by offering mere words.

Kinnar weaves his concepts and ideas into role playing demonstrations to home the effectiveness of techniques he has developed- you can rest assured these have been tested and refined over a period of time and they work. Life is not simply a series of mechanical functions and Kinnar brings the human element to the fore. I came away from his seminar with a sense of empowerment and the drive to be the best clinician I can be but also how to be better human being. My Practice manager now feels full confidence in her ability to lead the team to their utmost potential since attending the seminar. The difference in the team in only a short time is incredible. Kinnar central theme summarised as “you have not achieved anything, if you have not made someone’s life better".

As clinician and business owner striving for success constantly, it’s easy to forget this philosophy and Kinnar reminds and motivate you to return to this idea as well. Even my husband, being in a non-dental background has found Kinnar’s advice pivotal in his industry (I.T) and is implementing his new found knowledge, on things such as reading and understanding body language on a daily basis.

The word thank you isn’t enough to express my appreciation for the gift he has given me in imparting his expert knowledge, but THANK YOU Kinnar, I highly recommend anyone wanting to be their best to get to a seminar, don’t delay!

Dr Iram Hasan

I have taken a number of Kinnar's courses in the past, and though there is overlap of information, this builds on itself and helps to solidify in your mind, so you're more likely to TAKE ACTION when you get back to the office on Monday.

There are many clinical courses which will help you improve your clinical skills in implants, surgery, composite restorations, crown preps, digital smile design, etc, but if your patients aren't saying "Yes" to your recommendations, to what you know you can do to help improve the quality of life for these patients, you are less likely to get the opportunity to perform these procedures, help your patients, and thus, get paid for these more expensive procedures.

The reason WHY you do these things is not to make money, but to help your patients. So, with that in mind, here goes the review.

Some of this content may be new to the participants. Some of it may be covered before, whether it's from Prime Practice or Momentum or Ultimate Patient Experience course. A lot of it is covered in the books that I read, and though it is cool and educational to read these kinds of books, they don't necessarily help me TAKE ACTION. Being in the presence of Kinnar and other like minded people really cemented many of these ideas and allowed me to convert more of my patients to accepting treatment that will help them more than the money the spend for it.

There is something for everyone in this course. What I mean, is that it was not just for the dentists. It was good to see several team members who can directly benefit from the systems based content and scripts to use for patients. The principle dentists who hope to disseminate this content to their teams on Monday may find more difficulty in achieving this.

The bad? Food selection was pretty average, but at least it was in a central part of Melbourne where access to good food was available.

The good? This is what stops people from being GREAT. This course is not for everyone, as different people will take different things out of it. But if your intention is to get MOAR patients to accept the treatment that you have been trained to provide, which will ultimately HELP your patients achieve their oral health/esthetic desires, then this course would be a good, no, GREAT fit for you.

Dr Geoffrey Wan

Extremely inspiring! Kept everyone well engaged! Although I am not dentist or own the practice, but as a practice manager he has given me the confidence and belief that I too an capable of contributing to the running of a very successful practice.

Emma Huseyin (practice manager)

The conference has been a great eye opener for me as a practice manager. It’s allowed me to see that the team as a whole has a great responsibility to the level a practice can achieve. Every role is extremely important. I will take a lot of the tips I learnt and implement them into our daily life at the clinic. Networking has also been a fantastic part of the seminar. Thank you for the insight you have given me.

Nicole: (Practice Manager)

Kinnar is a master at breaking down the key steps to a successful practice. I now feel well equipped to increase treatment acceptance and overall patient happiness.

Dr Jamie Jones

This two days course was inspiring to me for daily work in the dental clinic. I fell ready to increase my production and patient loyalty. Most importantly, I feel awakened to improve the patient experience at my clinic.

Darina Nirmalann

This seminar is truly mind boggling. If you have been wondering why you are not competitive enough, you must come and listen to Kinnar. Your today will not be the same.

Tim Lee

I found the creative coaching by Kinnar very fun. He is very funny, energetic and very wise. Learnt a lot that I am excited to out into action with front desk and commination skills 10/10.

Hope Gibbons

Kinnar is a very passionate coach. Very willing to share his knowledge ( and how he succeeded) with the rest of the group. Wish I had bought my staff as it is very eye opening.

Dr Sakshi Gupta

Course review: Kinnar Shah's Business and Communication Mastery course over 2 days 26-27/2 in Sydney at the Hilton.

This meet is a distillation of personal development and growth, business processes and systems that should be in place and a focus on service and adding value in the dental setting by the team as a whole.

It is aimed at modifying your own personal beliefs in the status quo and in what is possible for you, as a person, a clinician and as a business. If you want to explore what it is you could do better or what your mindset is telling you at the present, the emphasis on personal growth and inner game is worth every penny.

The energy of Kinnar is contagious, and the way that he communicates made me rethink my delivery of consultations and communication with patients with an emphasis on customer service.

Highly recommended.

Dr Howard Yean

Sydney, AU

I have been in the dental industry for over 30 yrs, both in the corporate sector and now as a Director of my own dental company Osseodental. I have been directly involved and observed the difficulties Drs experience with staff and patients with the business aspect of dentistry.

Many discussions have been had with colleagues for many years of the need for an appropriate program to provide the skills necessary to grow the practice. To provide dentists and their staff, the business skills required to develop the practice, increase patients acceptance of treatment plans and stand out from the crowd. I also believe that this is best delivered by a dentist with a great business mind and an established, successful practice themselves.

Dr Kinnar Shahs course is the most outstanding course in this area I have seen and been involved with. I encourage everyone to attend this exceptional program without hesitation, it is inspirational and guaranteed to either change the way you practice or at minimum, enhance what you already do significantly. A must!

Paul James

Director - Osseo Dental

I can absolutely say without a doubt that what I learnt from Dr Shah has struck a chord with me and completely changed the way that I not only operate as a dentist, but my outlook on life and my interactions with other human beings.

There was a real connection within the group, and we have all continued to stay in touch and share motivational material and experiences with each other, which is very empowering in what can be an otherwise alienated profession. Dr Shahs skills within his profession were demonstrated and reflected upon which led to absolute respect and admiration for Kinnar. He has a deep understanding on how to use the latest technologies and people management skills to achieve health and happiness for all involved. He clearly has an abundance of knowledge he is eager to share, and I believe this is the start of a long standing friendship from which I can continue to work on the Leadership & Business skills I learned from Dr Szhah.

Dr Anna Williams

Gold Coast, AU

I've followed Kinnar's work over the last few years and he is a fantastic clinician producing outstanding work and I constantly see him at CE seminars. His website and online reviews are a credit to him and his practice.

As a dentist, my business skills are often lacking and I found that Kinnar's knowledge with regards to running the business of dentistry was excellent.

Not having done a lot of personal development I found the Leadership aspect of the course very informative. Communicating better with my clients will allow me to serve them better which is a win-win for everyone.

Dr Jason Pang

Sydney, AU

The most important thing that I have learnt from Kinnar is that my attitude can revolutionize my own future just like the future that Kinnar is constructing for himself by passionately sharing what he knows and actively listening to learn from others. I learnt instant rapport and relationship building skills. How attitude affects communication. And what i enjoyed the most was the art of increasing case conversion through specific questions and non-verbal language. I simply feel i have so much to work on with all the resources provided.

Dr Edward Jh Lee

Melbourne, AU

Dr Kinnar Shah has been an inspiration to me and other colleagues, as he manages to incorporate amazing dental and leadership skills! With his engaging and fun personality, he connects with people immediately and delivers content that they can immediately use to improve their morale, teamwork, management and communication skills.

Dr Angie Papas

Sydney, AU

The greatest value Kinnar has added to me is the skill of verbal language patterns. When to say, what to say in my consultations with my patients. How to deal with concerns and objections. It has made me realize the importance of structured communication

Dr Javeed Rouf

Sydney, AU

I had Dr Kinnar train my entire team in customer service and practice presentation. It was nice to see the team spirits lifted. Personally, Kinnar taught me how to motivate and keep the energy high within my team. He mentored me on my strengths and how I could operate at my best. Thank you for your coaching

Dr Goran Pechanats

Sydney, AU

When I enter a room with Kinnar, there are 3 keys words that come to mind, Engaging, Energetic and Enthralling!

The course, “Business, Leadership and communication skills for your Dental Practice” was spread over 2 days.

It was an inspiring summation of Kinnar’s personal development and Business growth achieved with placing emphasis on Attitude and inner growth along with placing well crafted and honed skills and eye for detail in the value systems of the dental team.

The course was run on a fast pace with emphasis on the ‘dental team’ and topics were carefully selected and divided to understand a thoroughly researched and successfully working modus operandi. They were relevant with most patient-team situations and empowered many a team members to have better control of their conversation with a client.

Overall, i think it was an inspiring weekend which we took a lot from and would love to recommend it to anybody who would love to explore what they could do better! Thanks Kinnar

Dr Nick Mehta

Sydney, AU

This is a very special course because it focuses what you think, rather telling you what to do or say. Because I learnt that our behavior is largely determined by what we believe and fear (about ourselves, about our team, about our patients) - long lasting changes tend not to happen without exploring our basic motivations - which Dr Kinnar Shah is literally an expert in, being both a dentist and a certified personal development coach.

Kinnar is approachable, generous with his knowledge, and encourages us to be open about the challenges we are facing. It also showed me why being a skilled clinician with effective communication skills is actually only one small part of the overall patient experience - and therefore the importance of inspiring and empowering your team to create customer loyalty.

Another point of difference is the emphasis on communicating via emotions and body language. In summary – great course worth attending.

Dr. Ann Chen

Brisbane, AU

The business leader skills course was a well spent investment in both my professional and personal life. Not having known much about Kinnar, I was worried it would be like most self help, business, and leadership books I have read. Many of these books are just mild variations of the same messages.

Kinnar totally exceeded my expectations! One of the most useful things I had learnt is to not let the good things get in the way of the great achievements. He has made me actually think about my dreams, instead of chugging along life with no great aim.

Kinnar is able to inspire you to find the energy that is inside yourself, to achieve your dreams. Realising your dream is truly priceless.

Dr Quincy Cheuk

Sydney, AU

I have done lot of dental CPD courses but none on Business part of dentistry. Often you see these courses are run by non dentists .The best thing for this course is kinnar is a focused dentist that helps us to understand the additional skill set required for a Dentapreuner.

As dentists are so focused with their magnifying glasses on dentistry we very often miss the bigger picture of human element with dentistry.This is well versed in the course. Before the course I thought how could Kinnar speak on this topic for 2 days .... after the course I realized his knowledge in communication and Business is ocean full and I felt two days is very little. Time just flew away. His energy is ecstatic and engaging. I can't wait to attend the future talks of kinnar. A high recommended course.

Dr Raghu Vangala

Melbourne, AU

This is the second time that i have seen Kinnar present this course. For me this was reinforcement and clarity in the principles he taught. Repetition is what creates mastery.

This time i brought all my staff so that they can experience and learn these invaluable skills.

I have realized that without my team i cannot elevate my practice and take it to where i want it to be.

Dr Jason Pang

Sydney, AU

This course has empowered me to make better decisions and not only how i can change my life for the better but people around me as well.

After doing so many courses on communication, i find that i should have only attended Kinnar's one in the first place as it covers everything from leadership to communication. I wish someone had told me about Dr Kinnar before.

Dr Rachna Yadav

Melbourne, AU

I learnt that converting patients is one of the most important aspects to a successful practice. I learnt some techniques in which to assess the way the patient will communicate to clinician and staff about their feelings other than direct vocalization. For example eye cues and their meaning as well as interpreting body language.

This course will allow me to implement and develop my skills to interpret and analyse non vocal signs as well as identifying and troubleshooting concerns about the personal way i (as a clinician) practice. I will certainly attend again.

The information provided and presented in this course is presented in a much better way compared to other similar courses including university courses.

Dr Pramesh Hettiarachchi

Sydney, AU

This was my first course/lecture that i have attended and wow !

The amount of information i have taken in and have learnt makes me so excited to return back to work and start implementing these within the practice.

I would love and strive to attend many more events held by Kinnar. He has inspired me, not only within my rols in the dental practice, but within my personal life. To achieve, to grow, to be the best.

Donna Wheldon - Practice Manager

Sydney, AU

The main takeaway from this weekend course for me was how to create loyal happy patients and great ideas on how we can continue to build our practice.

This event will benefit my role as a practice manager as it has inspired me to make changes which i believe will help to grow our staff and improve our customer service. Others should attend this course to master customer service skills and to maintain motivation within the practice.

A great high energy weekend !

Nadine Keith

Practice Manager

As a dental nurse i learned lots of things about customer service. I like the part which talk about body language. Its was interesting for me as a person in regards to connecting with people even out of my job.

I definitely would like to attend this course again and i would recommend you to all my friends.

Marjan Lotfali

Dental Nurse

There is a lot of new information, NLP in particular. It helps to relate to patients better, being more relevant and help them with the right treatment in the best way - the way they would expect to go ahead.

Kinnar is "slicing the info in digestive pieces", making learning a fun experience. He is exuding energy and its very contagious in a good way. He is very inspiring. I would definitely come for more seminars like that. And i would recommend this course to anyone, except for my competitor. Lol


I had the pleasure of attending Kinnar's seminar. Kinnar's unique approach is refreshing and interactive. He gives you a way to remember what he teaches and really wants you to succeed in your dental business and your relationship with your clients. The key he gives us is winning the inner game. Anybody wanting to improve ( lift their game) on their dental business and customer services, Kinnar's communication and leadership seminar is not to be missed!!!

AJ - New Zealand

I am so glad to have been a part of this seminar. The information I have been given over the last 2 days will be an absolute game changer in the way I approach my practice and patient. I can see this ideas will be so valuable for my whole team.

I cannot wait to start implementing the concepts Kinnar has presented. Kinnar is proof that success in business is attainable for me. By following his tried and tested methods. Thanks again to Kinnar and the team.

Dr Hasan

It was a great seminar which was conducted in 2 days. Great deal of information was passed on uninhibited and personally which has been your own strategies which were proven effective. The information was astounding and a great chunk quantitatively . Some of the information rang a bell for me but we as a team, Leena and myself , could find the gaps to be sealed in our practice .

So we are yet to have a staff meeting and start implementing one step at a time because one of our recently recruited staff members was hospitalised for surgery.

Leena and myself have started implementing some of the steps personally in out lives and it helps a lot. And we are yet to take a productive report.

The biggest advantage of the course was the realisation of the presence of a system , a protocol , and there are cross check points to look back whether it's working or not.

The venue was great , the food was fabulous. We stayed at Hilton and will never shy away to visit the venue again.

KS had a fantastic energy and personally made sure that everyone's question was answered.

Nice meeting you KS. Meeting people was always a privilege.

We will cross paths again often .

Dr Leena and Dr Cherian

This is the 5th time I have attended a course held by Kinnar. The content has some overlap, but with repeated exposure. It has built up my communication skills. The skills taught are put into practice with our small discussion groups, forcing us to get out of our comfort zones so that we can grow and own this new information. This will be much easier to apply on Monday morning and can’t wait to use this tomorrow!

Dr Geoff Wan

I always want to improve my communication skills and influence as I had a hard time in my business and personal life. This course showed me the way to improve the communication. I need to practice more and will come back again and again to upgrade and improve. These courses motivates you to go back and implement from tomorrow. I score 10/10

Dr Kristina Baisconi

Dear Kinnar, Thank you so much for this weekend my mind has been ‘blown’ and this will absolutely change the way I practice. The cause has been extremely practical with specific situations very applicable to daily dental practice. I hope to attend the BLC course in the near future.

Dr Mark Ian

Absolutely amazing, full of energy, content and tips and tricks. Dr Kinnar’s energy is unbelievable. The course was full of examples and demonstrated how to handle difficult situations, patient concerns, have the highest patient care, acceptance rates and how to make your business grow. All concepts learned was very applicable and eye opening. Great food, very friendly and welcoming. Thanks Kinnar for adding value in all of us.

Dr Zohal Azami

NLP was very enlightening and eye opening course. The principles of influence and persuasion were explained so simply. It takes years of experience to compile such a complex subject into such a simple and reliable way. And Kinnar made sure that we do practice it on an ongoing basis by creating an accountability structure by meeting community where everyone helps each other for everyone’s growth.

Dr Rahul P

It’s well accepted that in order to turn dentists to be successful, they have to be masters at communication as their business is based on patient relationship and case conversions. The reason I did Dr Kinnar Shah’s course is because I wanted to give my communication skills a huge boost and get down deep into human psychology. And it just gave me that! I walked away with many practical things that I can implement with my patients and staff. I am looking forward to improve my practice with the new skills I have gained.

Dr Wei Shen

Dear Kinnar, I am so overwhelmed with the information and concepts that you taught us today! You hypnotized us with your knowledge and insight in dealing with people. I look forward in implementing all these techniques and language patterns and thank you for widening our horizon and helping us to be better than we are!

Dr A Papas

This is my first experience with Dr Kinnar Shah. His language patterns seminar can not only be applied in a clinical setting but in everyday life as well. If your goal is to take your communication skills to the next level then you must attend this course!

Dr Robert Lin

It was great to learn how we can use specific language patterns in everyday dental practice and life. Not only we learn how we can increase conversion rate but also boost our confidence delivering best of quality dental care to our patients.

Dr Nimesh

Hypnotic language pattern experience is a one need sum above all of my skills I have accumulated to to date. After having a good thorough practice for the whole day it seems easy to utilise in everyday practice.

Dr P. Malik

Thank you for the amazing presentation. Kinnar is very passionate and generous in his content/time. Highly recommend. Will see you at the next course in Melbourne

Dr Thomas Vo

De Shah’s creative coaching concepts opened my eyes to what it truly takes to have a successful practice. Using his methods we will unlock success!

Dr Jamie Jones

Kinnar is always fun to listen to and engage. This course will help everyone not only to help and communicate with patients also in their own environment with friends and family. I will recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve their communication skills. It was great value and full of examples that can easily be applied to all aspects of life.

Dr Line

The more you develop your communication skills, the more you can help your patients. When I speak to most dentists they always say they don’t have time for communication courses. Once you’ve attended one of Kinnar’s you will start seeing possibilities you have never seen before. You owe it to yourself to attend. A must do course!


The seminar started as all other seminars. The beauty of this seminar is the way you start to see the world in a different way. You will start to realise why objections, rejections and if you start to understand the core principles you can overcome any situation in dentistry and other parts of your life. NLP and HLP in dentistry can take it to another level. Kinnar as usual delivered the best seminar in an easy and simple way.

His team is awesome they are really looked after us. I understand you may realise that this course is for you or not. Hands down, close your eyes and register. You will never regret, but you will crave to learn more and more. My promise.


I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Shah’s hypnotic language patterns lecture. The dentist/patient dialogue was deconstructed and analysed. I learnt a large number of ways to improve conversion rates and treatment plan acceptance. I am also now more confident how to effectively communicate with a large variety of different patient types and how to bring around a positive outcome when faced with barriers such as ‘this treatment is too expensive’ and ‘I don’t need this treatment’. I am excited to start using these new skills and feel the more I practice them, the more successful my work can be.


I highly enjoyed this one day course. It is mind opening and can be used in all aspects of life. It can be used by all team members of the dental clinic. Overall, a great experience and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learnt in surgery.


The more I attend Kinnar’s course the more I improve my communication skills, which helps make things a lot easier at work. Everyone who wants to improve verbal communication skills should attend this course to learn the secrets of hypnotic language patterns


One of the greatest workshops I have attended. It is widely recognised that the creative coaching team offer. An experience few others can match. I will be taking home these patterns and analyse how I’ve been using them and how to use them in a structured way. I agree with Kinnar and the more I practice these language patterns the more I am excited about conversation and its effect on my business


Dear Kinnar, What a wonderful presentation, you have made me realise how powerful the language patterns are. Thank you


Thank you Kinnar, wow – what a unique course you’ve presented. My first exposure to your coaching course has been worth the “fly in – fly out” 4-5 hour flight. Thanks for the experience and the book!


I can tell you really have a lot of passion for what you do. Can’t wait for more!

Dr Heather

Good location and value, good service – especially being a weekend, good vibe and energy, a very difficult twist and outlook to day to day things and perspectives.


It’s absolutely an engaging experience and the best two days. Absolutely recommended to dentists. For communication skill development you will have to experience yourself to go next level.


An extremely informative and worthwhile course. Dr Kinnar is such an enthusiastic and personable guy I found all the content covered in the day very inspiring. An invaluable experience that I would thoroughly recommended to any member of the dental team.


This seminar has been a great learning experience in terms of allowing me to work on myself. Knowing that the patient comes first is primary but effectively communicating to deeply influence a patient to go ahead with the best treatment with the least resistance I believe will take me to the next level in my practice.


It was a great experience to be here to be to be coached by the best. Kinnar is very experienced and very supportive and makes you feel in the right frame of mind to help with goals. He focuses individually to help grow and utilise the concepts.


I've done a few of Kinnar’s courses and they have all been excellent. The NLP course gave me a lot of information and skills to apply straight away.


I really enjoyed this course Kinnar is full of energy and really passionate about development. I would definitely recommend his course for dentists of all levels to help with their communications.


Thank you Kinnar for an amazing presentation. Very informative and helpful in presenting invaluable skills necessary for successful practice. Highly recommended to practitioners looking to improve their practices.


Over the last two days, this course was life changing experience because this training has equipped me to succeed in life. I would like to thank Dr Kinnar and his team again for arranging this event.


Kinnar was inspiring and enthusiastic as a presenter. The course was an eye-opener introducing me to ways to communicate more effectively and clearly. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to show us so many different skills and techniques.


Loved this seminar by Kinnar introducing the concept of NLP. After being shown many of the principles I am looking forward to applying the knowledge in my day to day life.


Everybody speaks English but the use of language in effective communication is rather hit or miss. This course helps me to recognise and give me the tools to apply on Monday at the office, and tonight with my spouse. It gave handy tips on handling common objections that I have trouble with. P.s. good food/fuel choices (no peanuts –thanks!)


New Zealand BLC Testimonials

Very enthusiastic and confident. Challenges the way we think and is not afraid to voice out his opinions in a diplomatic manner.

Dr Danny Lee

Kinnar, Thank you for amazing energy over the last two days. I look forward to incorporating the strategies learned into my workday.

Dr Cindy Bryant

Course is really good. Very good tips on daily clinical scenario, personality transformation experience, highly energetic and inspiring. Totally a great speaker

Dr Sirija Reddy

I have greatly enjoyed Dr. Kinnar’s seminar on the BLC’s. He has opened up a few concepts that I haven’t focused on in my work. Definitely an inspiring experience.

Dr William Mojilip Jr.

Two days of productive helpful and empowering lessons. Was an incredible experience Dr Shah! Thank you for an enlightening course on how to best connect with our patients and serve them to our maximum potential. I’ll certainly be implementing everything I’ve picked up from all your experience, knowledge and expertise. Thank you!

Dr Priyeua Singh

It was a very well structured 2 – day course which gave me great insight into effective ways to communicate with patient. Dr Kinnar was enthusiastic and approachable speaker who make the course really interactive and interesting. He had inspired us to improve from good to great and unleash our full potential.

Dr Richelle Tan

Very eye opening! Very well presented! “A must if you want the ability to increase your case acceptance no matter how good you think you are”

Dr Arjhna Rajasingham

Kinnar’s course works! The secret to patient communication and treatment acceptance. High recommended.

Dr Regan Leslie

Dr Shah was a thoroughly interesting speaker – I attended his course with the flu, and had no chance of falling asleep or having my mind wander. I have been given a lot to think about, and some key changes to implement tomorrow.

Dr Lishelle Young (Office Manager)

Kinnar is an enthusiastic coach with great insight into how we can better communicate with our patients. There are many processes and techniques that can be implemented immediately. He delivers the content with infectious energy. I’m so happy I came and am excited to start seeing improvements in my patient care.

Dr Jareth Lau

Kinnar was an excellent speaker. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. It has been an amazing learning and growing experience with Kinnar. He has provided me the tools and tips and inspires me to be a great communicator/dentist. Thank you Kinnar!

Dr Shu Jin Ge

Kinnar is a very energetic and engaging coach. He was very open to questions and answered them very well. The tips we received throughout the course were eye opening and I will be implementing them as soon as I can ☺ I am so glad I’ve done this course and would recommend it to anyone looking to take their practice care to the next level.

Dr Michelle Tan

Awesome weekend. Very engaging and he did a great job of involving the entire team.

Dr Adam Durning

Kinnar is an amazing coach and has enlightened us with his enthusiasm. These 2 days have been educational on a level that inspires me to provide the 7 star service I know our practice can provide. Watch this space! Thank you

Dr Jenni Gibson

Thank you for the seminar! Your inspiration has motivated us all to provide 7+ star services to our valuable customers! You made us believe that we all have great potential and we shall all take it to the next level. Thank you for sharing your ideas and techniques. You share with no reservation, Thank you, Thank you for the energy!

Dr Mark Huang

I really appreciate your dear, concise and inspiring course. That will be valuable for our team for many years to come. The information you shared will improve our relationships with our patients as well as being useful in our private lives.

Dr Alastair Miller

I found these few days are amazing. Thank you for your time, I look forward to using these new skills not only at work but in life.

Dr Amanda Dyer

I felt that I learned so much more than just improving my communication skills in the dental practice – What I got out of this course is beneficial in all areas of life. I’m rally glad I attended this seminar so early on – it will lay a good foundation for the rest of my career.

Dr Mark Loh


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